User Report

A User Report contains a wide array of information about your users. Information in this report can be used to research what properties your users have, and how they’re differentiated. This can be used to inform what filters to use when creating Positions and setting up your assignment structure.


Table of Contents

To generate a User Report, first navigate to the User Report link under the Reports menu.  You can then set any filters necessary. All filters (other than Status and Hire Date Range) allow multiple entries. For example, you can filter by users with the Supervisor or Instructor roles, and users with at least one of those roles will be included in the output.

You can then check boxes for any additional fields you want to include in your report (described in detail below).

Finally, click Export Report Data to Excel at the bottom of the screen to generate your report.

Report Output

A User Report will generate an Excel file with information about all users that meet filters that you set.  The report always includes the following information:

  • Login ID

  • External Unique ID (if enabled)

  • First Name

  • Preferred First Name (if enabled in System Settings)

  • Middle Name

  • Last Name

  • Hire Date

  • Termination Date

  • Email Address

  • Division

  • Region

  • Location

  • Training Location

  • Training Location expiration

  • Job Code

  • Supervisor Login ID

  • Supervisor Name

  • Supervisor Email Address

  • Status

  • Extended User Properties

  • User ID (column hidden in Excel output by default)

Field Display Options

Login Information

You can add additional information to your report by checking the 'Login Information' checkbox.

The following additional information is included:

  • Is Registered

  • Uses Single Sign On

  • First Login Date

  • Last Login Date

Account Information

You can add additional information by checking the 'Account Information' checkbox.

The following additional information is included:

  • Added Through (User Administration, Import, or Mass User Upload)

  • Created By (name of admin who created account, or N/A if imported)

  • Created Date

  • Import Status (Import Success, Import Errored, or Not Imported)

  • First Import Date

  • Last Import Date

  • Excluded From Reports (True or False)

  • User Report Exclusions (lists reason(s))

  • Roles