Learning Module Report

A Learning Module Report contains a wide array of information about your Learning Modules. Information in this report can be used to research the assignment structure, check for consistent settings between modules, or just to get an overview of all the modules you have in your system. The Learning Module Report only contains information about the Learning Modules themselves. For information on users' progress, use one of the Multi-User Progress Reports.


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To generate a Learning Module Report, first navigate to the Learning Module Report link under the Reports menu.  You can then set any filters necessary. All filters (other than Status) allow multiple entries. For example, you can filter by On The Job Training and Instructor Lead Training module types, and modules of either type will be included in the output.

You can then check boxes for any additional fields you want to include in your report (described in detail below).

Finally, click Export Report Data to Excel at the bottom of the screen to generate your report.

Report Output

A Learning Module Report will generate an Excel file with information about all modules that meet filters that you set.  The report always includes the following information:

  • LMCode (Learning Module Code)

  • Name

  • Module Type

  • Administrator Notes

  • Short Description

  • Full Description

  • Category

  • Estimated Duration (in minutes)

  • Objectives

  • Student Preparation

  • Allow Archiving (true / false)

  • Allow Training Huddles (true / false)

Checking the Field Display Options boxes at the bottom of the field will add additional information to the report.

Assignment Settings

Assignment Settings appear on the Assignment tab of Learning Module administration. This includes information used to determine due dates for students.
The following additional information is included:

  • Weight (used to order modules on a students development plan)

  • Days to Complete

  • Apply Date

  • Start Date

  • End Date

  • Assignment Break (True / False)

  • Future Apply Dates

  • Highlight On Development Plan (True / false)

  • Position Override (true / false)

Publishing Settings

Publishing Settings appear on the Publishing tab of Learning Module administration. This includes information about which students and administrators can see modules in the catalog.

The following additional information is included:

  • Student Catalog Publishing: Divisions

  • Student Catalog Publishing: Positions

  • Allow Student Electives

  • Student Elective Publishing: Positions

  • Administrative Publishing: Divisions

  • Administrative Publishing: Positions


Hierarchy information can be used to better understand which students will be automatically assigned modules.

The following additional information is included:

  • Courses

  • Curriculums

  • Positions

Test Information

Test Information appears on the Test tab of Learning Module administration.

The following additional information is included:

  • Learning Review (this is the name of the test)

  • Test Description

  • Passing Score

  • Allow Test Out

  • Lockout Attempts

  • Lockout Auto Release Days

  • Attempts Before Content

  • Test Out On Retakes

  • Attempts Before Content on Retakes

  • Lockout Reset Tries

Module Type Settings

Module Type Settings is information that applies to only one type of Learning Module. Many of these fields will be marked “N/A” depending on the module type.

The following additional information is included:

  • Reviewer Type (OJT and Self Study)

  • Launch Type (eLearning)

  • Mobile Ready (eLearning)

  • eLearning Launch Root Key (eLearning)

  • eLearning URL (eLearning)

  • Allow Refusals (Compliance)

  • Link Root Key (Compliance)

  • Link URL (Compliance)

  • Document Code (Compliance)

  • Video Root Key (Video)

  • Video URL (Video)